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The Art of Plating


We use only the highest grade of materials in our plating process to render the best looking finishes. Working regularly with companies in a wide range of industries, we take pride in delivering products that meet or exceed their unique requirements.



If it can be plated, Extreme Finishes does it, plastic and metal. Small outline and large. High volumes or moderate. Virtually any finish. Extreme Finishes is the single source for absolutely the highest quality products – priced competitively and delivered on time.


Standard and Popular Decorative Finishes/Coatings


Parts So Bright That You’ll Need To Wear Shades!


Extreme Finishes offers all the standard and popular finishes you’ve come to expect. They’re designed to meet virtually all the decorative needs of manufacturers for almost every consumer goods and industrial application.

Our chroming process actually implants the silver into the surface allowing excellent adhesion removing the risk of any adhesion loss such as chipping or peeling.


Standard and Popular Decorative Finishes/Coatings