**TWO Locations**

 Dropoff - Greensburg, IN:   765-717-1519

Powder Coating - Seymour, in





Powder Coating Prep Services will prepare your parts for optimum powder coating adhesion and paint performance.


Corrosion Resistance is a fundamental advantage. Anything metal capable of withstanding curing temperatures from 350-400 degrees can be coated.

Sand Blasting removes stubborn corrosion elements.


Premium quality paints from Cardinal, DuPont, Prismatic and Sherwin-Williams mean long term performance and dependability.


Top quality finish options including Class A options help you meet your critical project timelines and reduce your cost of ownership.





Experienced technicians mean your valuable project will be finished on time the first time.


Large Color/Paint Palette availability gives you ultimate finish flexibility. Choose from traditional colors or exotic custom blends, Extreme Finishes can provide just the right color to meet your exacting specifications.


Automotive, ATV/Off-Road, Heavy Equipment, High tech, Industrial, Fitness, Furniture, Garden, Marine, we can meet your project needs.


Cerakote Firearms Finishes, protect the beauty and durability of your firearm.


Cerakote High Temp Ceramic Coating, Higher H/P, cooler engine compartment, more POWER!!!